Up and Under

Brian went back up to the University of North Georgia to play a match agains Kennesaw State University. So he got to play with guys he’s practiced with recently (UNG) and guys that he played with last year (KSU). We was wearing the #15 and played fullback for a good part of the game, switch with his coach, Cam wearing the #10, on defense when kicking might be a thing (since Cam is the better kicker). But he also played a bit of 9 and generally went where needed.

This was a nice little up and under kick. He wasn’t set far back, and the defender is on top of his just as soon as he gets the ball. But he manages to get a short high kick away. The he has to fight and weave his way through a crowd to get under the ball. He’s got just a bit of a bobble in contact as he makes the catch… but breaks through and runs in his own kick for the try. Nicely done!


When it comes to electronics, soldering is essential. You can only go so far until you have mastered learned how to solder at lease little. More essential than a screw driver, is the soldering iron. Remember: If it smells like chicken, you’re holding it wrong.

CNC Machine

I made my own CNC or Computer Numerical Control machine. I started with nothing but a set of plans I downloaded from the internet and only a vague idea of what it was. There was no kit for the parts – I had to buy every nut, bolt, and piece of wood myself. I spend an embarrassing amount of time building the bed which looked suspiciously like a pallet. The sad part was when I was finally finished (mostly) – tightened the last nut… I wasn’t even ready to use it. Someone made the first cut because I didn’t know how.



Carbonated fruit? Of course! But if you happen to break a bunch of glass vessels in the process of pressurizing the C02 and you want to research other pressure vessels – like an actual pressure cooker, to see how much pressure they can hold before they explode… Don’t do that search ahead of the Boston Marathon bombing. Outside of that, you should be fine.

Basically we dropped dry ice into a container full of fruit and sealed it. The dry ice (solid CO2) sublimated (turned to gas from a solid, skipping the whole liquid phase – that’s why they call it _dry_ ice). Since the gaseous from of C02 wants to spread out, but can’t… the pressure increases. And with no where else to go, if forces its way into the fruit. Emerging as effervescent froot!


I tried to take a few pictures along the way. Mot but not all are mine. Endless thanks to all the other people that took pictures and shared them.

Some of the pictures are on Google Photos, Flicker, and other photo sharing sites. Some are perhaps lost forever (looking at you Google Plus).

The age of the pictures reflect the journey through time and places.

  • First is mostly family only
    • Atlanta
    • Charlotte
  • Hackerspace Charlotte (HSC) in NoDa (between the railroad tracks_
  • Community outreach via HSC
    • Discovery Place – [mostly] children’s science museum
    • Imaginon – CharMeck Children’s Library
    • CharMeck Library – mostly the main branch
  • Hackerspace Charlotte at “The Spot
  • Charlotte Junior Rugby Association (CJRA)
  • Makerspace Charlotte (the great divide – HSC banned kids… seriously?!)
    • Clairborne Prosthetics
    • 100 Gardens
      • The craziest summer camp ever!
  • Atlanta again
    • Gyomo ( cyber security startup )
    • Alpharetta Rugby
    • East Cobb Rugby
    • Roswell Rugby
  • Makerspace Charlotte (the great divide – HSC banned kids… seriously?!)
    • The iterim space
  • The Netherlands

All of which to say, photos are all over the place and in various different collections. For the collections I have control over, I tried to group/categorize them and like to those photo groups appropriately above. If I couldn’t link to a group of photos it’s probably a link to the best website I could find. And if there are two or more links on one bullet point, each link probably goes to each bucket or site I could find.


Girl on riding hover board sitting lawn chair holding leaf blow down with speed motion blur
Isabel is off to the races

There is nothing quite like handing kids a jigsaw and a large sheet a plywood. But less than an hour later, with all fingers in tack, they were racing around on their very own hoverboard. Powered by a cheap electric leaf blower, the hoverboard would slide along smooth concrete surface of the warehouse with almost not friction. It’s a super easy project requiring very few special tools, and not a lot of time.

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