Carbonated fruit? Of course! But if you happen to break a bunch of glass vessels in the process of pressurizing the C02 and you want to research other pressure vessels – like an actual pressure cooker, to see how much pressure they can hold before they explode… Don’t do that search ahead of the Boston Marathon bombing. Outside of that, you should be fine.

Basically we dropped dry ice into a container full of fruit and sealed it. The dry ice (solid CO2) sublimated (turned to gas from a solid, skipping the whole liquid phase – that’s why they call it _dry_ ice). Since the gaseous from of C02 wants to spread out, but can’t… the pressure increases. And with no where else to go, if forces its way into the fruit. Emerging as effervescent froot!

Dry Ice Jenga

Group watch a man play jenga with tongs and dry ice over an empty aquarium

Jenga is a pretty simple game… that gets a wee bit trickier when you can’t use your hands. In particular playing with tongs to handle the dry ice means that if you squeeze too hard the dry ice will squeal as it sublimates under the tongs and the tongs move as you squeeze and the gas escapes. It just seems to make people more nervous, but it looks cool – especially if you add blinking LEDs. Using a mitre saw with a simple jig is a good way to turn out uniform pieces in short order.