Up and Under

Brian went back up to the University of North Georgia to play a match agains Kennesaw State University. So he got to play with guys he’s practiced with recently (UNG) and guys that he played with last year (KSU). We was wearing the #15 and played fullback for a good part of the game, switch with his coach, Cam wearing the #10, on defense when kicking might be a thing (since Cam is the better kicker). But he also played a bit of 9 and generally went where needed.

This was a nice little up and under kick. He wasn’t set far back, and the defender is on top of his just as soon as he gets the ball. But he manages to get a short high kick away. The he has to fight and weave his way through a crowd to get under the ball. He’s got just a bit of a bobble in contact as he makes the catch… but breaks through and runs in his own kick for the try. Nicely done!